What is Dim Sum?

It was originally served in tea houses that often catered to travellers on the Silk Road, local farmers and workers. I believe they were first developed to be small snacks “to touch the heart”, which is what litterally dim sum means.

We're on a mission to

To touch everyone’s heart through Dim Sum with a “single bite

About the Founder

Founded by a husband and wife team (Nang & Ceylyn), Team Some was formed with the vision of introducing the joy and culture of dim sum to every city of the world. Born into a bun-manufacturing family business, Nang is armed with the technical knowledge in making dim sum that are authentic and tasty.

Experienced the changing needs of consumers and the evolution of the industry, Nang was propelled to learn about the food manufacturing industry to grow the family business. His experience in F&B paired with Ceylyn’s business acumen, management background and skills, having been a city councillor of Ipoh city for almost a decade, make this husband-and-wife team the catalyst of Team Some’s success.

Their energy, innovativeness and out-of-the-box approach will ensure Team Some’s success for many years to come.